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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bangus Festival 2011

After the Flower Festival of Baguio City, what festival next, coming in your mind? I know, you knew it! 
The Bangus Festival of Dagupan City, Pangasinan. The title holder of the longest barbecue grills of Guinness Book of Record.
Bangus Festival 2011 logo

Now, this 2011, come again the prestigious festival of Pangasinan. "Come and celebrate the world's tastiest milk-fish!."

For the details of the schedules of this event please visit the website of Bangus Festival 2011

The City of Dagupan 
Pangasinan: Ciudad na Dagupan) is a 1st class city in the Philippines
It is an independent component city of the province of Pangasinan
According to the latest census, Dagupan City has a population of 149,554 people in 25,921 households. 

Located on Lingayen Gulf on the island of Luzon, Dagupan is the chief port, educational, media and communication center, commercial and financial center north of Manila; an active trade is conducted in sugarcane, corn, rice, copra, salt, and an alcoholic liquor produced from the nipa palm. The city is known as the bangus (milkfish) capital of the Philippines because of its abundance of fresh bangus. The city's name is derived from pandaragupan in the local Pangasinan language meaning 'gathering place' as the city has been a regional market center for centuries.

The longest barbecue measured 1,007.56 m (3,305.64 ft) —it was created by the people of Dagupan City on May 3, 2003 as part of the city’s Bangus Festival. Dagupan City broke Canchia, Peru's 613 meters long record set in November 1999. DagupeƱos grilled Bonuan bangus at the "Kalutan ed Dagupan" street party.


Friday, January 14, 2011

Capisaan Cave

Kasibu, Nueva Vizcaya is a 3rd class municipality in the province of Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines.


The Province of Nueva Vizcaya offers more than just mountain peaks, breathtaking waterfalls or mystical caves, its historical attractions, agricultural lands, flowers and eco tourism, it also offers the warm friendly atmosphere and hospitality that the Novo Viscayanos are proud. Welcome to Nueva Vizcaya.  

Kasibu is the municipality situated the Capisaan Cave.....

Entrance of Capisaan Cave

  The fifth longest cave system in the country and ranked among of the best, considered a geologist’s paradise due to its varying rare calcite formations and unique stalagmite and stalactite formations. Within its four kilometer length is a subterranean river that doubles as a passageway to the best part of this multi-chambered cave. Part of the cave network are the Lion and Alayan Caves, measuring 4.2 kilometers.